Garden Hose

Neta designs and supplies high-quality garden hoses specifically made for Australian and New Zealand weather conditions.

They are lightweight, kink-resistant, soft and flexible – making them easy to use and store.

Available in a variety of specifications, sizes and kink resistance ratings, finding the perfect garden hose for your needs is made simple.

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Garden Hose

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Garden Hose

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Garden Hose

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Garden Hose

Each and every Neta garden hose begins with the highest-quality raw materials.

A strong, evenly braided polyester yarn provides maximum reinforcement against high water pressure. The UV resistant outer layer prevents splitting, drying and cracking of the hose. While the flexible inner tube provides flexible maneuverability and even water flow.

Discover the difference with a Neta garden hose.

The practical choice for the practical gardener.

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