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Efficient Watering

Efficient Garden Watering

A recent major trend in home watering has been efficient irrigation, acheived through the use of more water efficient garden watering products. Many state governments and local councils are now reflecting the adoption of efficient irrigation principles in their water use regulations.


To help you comply with these water efficiency regulations, Neta has developed a range of water efficient products.

  • Neta trigger gun or twist nozzle. When used with a Neta garden hose, this combination stops the water flow the instant the trigger is released or the nozzle is turned off.
  • Neta water efficient sprinklers that use less than nine litres a minute and connect to a Neta tap timer that automatically turns off once the time or flow set has been reached. This ensures that no water is wasted.
  • Neta efficient irrigation systems, installed with drippers, micro sprays, pop-up sprinklers, and dripline – these products are designed such that each device delivers less than nine litres a minute and connects to either a mechanical timer that switches off automatically, or an automatic timer with a rain or moisture sensor that prevents the system from operating before or soon after rainfall.

Look out for our ‘Efficient Garden Watering’ logo on product in-store.