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Retail Ready


Saves time


Reduces shelf space


Increases your sales


Reduces stock shrinkage

How Retail Ready works for you

Neta’s new Retail Ready packaging is perfect for in store merchandising. Complete with labelled or prepacked product, the boxes can be opened and put straight on the shelf – not only saving time but also creating a shelf display that is easier to keep tidy. With a detailed description on the front of the box our Retail Ready display modules are designed to make it easier for your staff and customers to identify our products. No special set up or shelving is required – you can choose some or all of our products and simply place them on your existing shelving units. Retail Ready’s modular system takes up 20% less shelf space than our competitors displays.

Retail Ready benefits include

Easy to order

Keeps products tidy

More available shelf space

Saves time merchandising

Easy to identify product

Strong brand presence

Diverse product range

Watch the Retail Ready video