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Threaded Fittings

Nylon Threaded Fittings

ew Australian Made Hose FittingsNeta’s comprehensive range of Nylon Threaded Fittings are manufactured from glass filled nylon. The BSP threads on this range of nipples, sockets, bushes, tees, elbows, plugs, caps, hose tails and tank inlets ensure a superior joint connection.

Nylon 6, 15% Glass filled provides excellent corrosion resistance at working pressures up to 1600kPa.

All Nylon Threaded Fittings are individually barcoded for easy scanning

Maximum Working Pressure:
• Thread sizes ½” to 2” – 1600kPa (PN16) @ 20° C
• Thread sizes 3” & 4” – 1000kPa (PN10) @ 20° C

• Made from tough virgin glass filled nylon (Nylon 6, 15% Glass filled)
• UV stabilised, will not break down in sunlight
• Tough threads, that won’t distort
• Robust, strong and long lasting
• Superior joint sealing
• Non corrosive
• Meets the requirements for potable water quality AS/NZS 4020
(Tests for analysing the suitability of products for use in contact with drinking

Typical Applications:
• Plumbing, where AS/NZS4020 is a requirement
• Reliable substitute for threaded metal fittings
• High pressure piping systems
• Marine installations