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Metric Compression
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Metric PE Pipe Compression Fittings & Tapping Saddles


The Neta NupiGeco Story

Neta and NupiGeco have harnessed their extensive resources, expertise and experience to bring to Australia the Neta NupiGeco range of PE pipe compression fittings and tapping saddles.

Neta and NupiGeco’s collective ‘know-how’, offers the expanding Australian polyethylene pipe market a new alternative for PE pipe fittings and tapping saddles at a level of service and on going customer support that will not let you down.

Manufactured to exact standards, using fully automated production systems and premium materials, the Neta NupiGeco Range of metric pipe fittings and tapping saddles is used globally in market segments such as plumbing, heating, water supply, gas, irrigation, chemical and petrochemical.

All products come with WaterMark certification to AS/NZS4129:2000. NupiGeco is a major, European manufacturer of pipe and fittings systems and commenced operations in Italy in the mid 1970’s. On-going investment in research and development of both products and production systems allows NupiGeco to provide the highest quality products and service.


– All metric compression fittings have WaterMark product certification to AS/NZS4129:2000
– Meets the requirements for use in the plumbing and water supply markets
– All metric compression fittings have black nuts
– Versatile, suitable for use on PE pipe (AS/NZS4130) with various coloured stripes or jackets
– ‘Lip seal’ – not just an ‘O’ ring
– Improved sealing performance when used with scratched or out-of-round pipe
– Tapered grip ring profile ensures a perfect pipe to fitting mechanical seal – will not pull apart
– Lip seal allows for easier insertion of pipe into fitting
– Pipe ends do not need to be chamfered
– Grip rings split apart to enable removal from the pipe
– Hassle free fitting reuse when modifying pipe work