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Neta leaders in lawn irrigation

Neta has a diverse range of irrigation products specifically designed for turf and lawn care. This range of sprinklers, fittings and valve boxes has been ergonomically designed to be hidden and water efficient at all times, while keeping your lawn green year round.
The time and money spent in the initial setup will be richly rewarded by the time and money saved by having an efficient system in place. A irrigation system can be automated to further enhance its convenience. When programmed, it will quietly turn itself on and off whenever the garden needs water and allows gardeners to get on with other jobs.

Spray head pop-up sprinklers

The simplest sprinklers available and suitable for small to medium lawns. The water is sprayed out in various patterns as depicted by the sprinkler selected. The nozzle can be rotated to align the pattern with the area being watered.

Shrub adaptors

More durable than typical micro sprays, risers and stakes. Used on professional landscape projects or in homes where extra resilience is required. Shrub adaptors utilise the same nozzles as the spray head pop-up sprinklers and are mounted in an adaptor that can be screwed onto a ½” threaded riser.

Valve boxes

Used for underground valves in water reticulation systems. All valve boxes are supplied with a lid to protect the contents inside and stop creepy crawlers getting in.

Quick coupling valves and risers

Remove the need for unsightly taps and prevent vandalism or waste from taps being left on. Quick coupling valves are connected to a water source and buried with the top flush with the ground. Risers (keys) are connected to a hose and flow starts as soon as the riser is inserted into the quick coupling valve.