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Micro Irrigation Fittings

With Neta retail ready merchandising
it’s never been easier!

At Neta we have three distinctly different styles of packaging and merchandising for your in store micro irrigation fittings. Tailoring an irrigation system to individual customers can be a challenge, which is why Neta have chosen to provide a range of options for product displays. The different forms of packaging available are:
The time and money spent in the initial setup will be richly rewarded by the time and money saved by having an efficient system in place. A irrigation system can be automated to further enhance its convenience. When programmed, it will quietly turn itself on and off whenever the garden needs water and allows gardeners to get on with other jobs.

Labelled fittings

Labelled fittings are Neta’s individually barcoded and labelled micro irrigation products that make it simpler for the customer to select what and how much they need.


Prepack fittings are neat and eye-catching; Neta’s new orange packs make a colourful display and individual packs carry a useful selection guide and instructions for use.

Retail Ready

Retail Ready fittings come individually labelled or pre-packed in a Retail Ready box. With the simple removal and relocation of the lid, the Retail Ready box can be placed on the shelf with products instantly ready to be purchased.

How Retail Ready works:

Neta’s new Retail Ready packaging is perfect for in store merchandising. Complete with labelled or prepacked product, the boxes can be opened and put straight on the shelf – not only saving time but also creating a shelf display that is easier to keep tidy.
Some of the main benefits of Retail Ready include:
Great brand blocking

Easy to keep tidy

Saves time merchandising

Large range of products available

All boxes feature a coloured label with a brief product description


Mix & Match – helpful hints

Don’t be restricted to one type of packaging, match the packaging to your market and your store’s individual requirements.
Some options that have been proven to be successful are:
Present the small micro sprays in prepack and the larger fittings in labelled and Retail Ready to keep the benefits of barcode
scanning at the check-out
Most home owners keep spare drippers and sprays and will appreciate a reusable clam shell. The clam shells can be hung on display panels
or stood up in compartment trays
Keep bulk packs of the high moving fittings (ratchet clips, elbows etc.) for the professional irrigation installers on a higher shelf or out
the back. They don’t need to be stored with the main display