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Irrigation Range

Neta’s Micro Irrigation & Lawn Range

An irrigation system is the best way to maximise water efficiency and still maintain a luxuriant garden. A Neta irrigation system helps home owners ensure that each area of the garden gets the right amount of water.

The time and money spent in the initial setup will be richly rewarded by the time and money saved by having an efficient system in place. A irrigation system can be automated to further enhance its convenience. When programmed, it will quietly turn itself on and off whenever the garden needs water and allows gardeners to get on with other jobs.

The best complete irrigation package

At Neta we are professionals when it comes to micro irrigation products, and as an advocate for efficient and effective watering we are continuously trying to improve our irrigation
product range, by:
Perfecting the ‘add-on’ system – the home gardener can start small and add as their garden grows

Individual components are low in cost, so the home gardener can start small and improve their system over time

Neta has a variety of packaging options to suit the requirements of any store

What sets Neta irrigation apart?

Neta can supply a full package for any size or style of irrigation system

Neta provides design and planning tools to assist the home gardener with the right selection of irrigation products for their garden.

System components are manufactured from quality UV stabilised plastics. Base fittings are manufactured nylon which lasts longer and performs better than the softer polypropylene

The Neta irrigation product range at a glance

Retail packaging contains helpful design information

Product Group Product Options Product Features & Users
Riser tube LDPE General purpose tube
PVC Flexible tube suited to tight corners
Brown LDPE pipe with drippers every 30cm
Non-pressure compensation
Irrigation fittings The most comprehensive range of barbed and threaded, nuts and tails, joiners, tees, elbows and valves Stores can supply whatever the customer needs
Micro sprays & sprinklers Range of different fixed or adjustable spray patterns Fixed and adjustable coverageColour coded for flow rate options
Drippers Fixed output Fixed and adjustable outputsBase options – barbed, threaded or complete with stakePressure compensation and non-pressure compensation
dripper options
Adjustable output
Barbed base
Threaded base
Complete with stake
Pressure compensating
Non-pressure compensating
Stakes Huge range of stake options Useful for anchoring irrigation pipe to garden bedsConnect and support riser tube to irrigation supply pipe
Support sprays, sprinklers and drippers away from the
irrigation pipe and above foliage
Accessories Filters Stores can tailor their offering to provide an extensive system that will suit their customers wants and needs
Pressure reducers
Tub outlets