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Water Supply

Neta has developed a range of independent water products that allow the reuse of water that would otherwise go to waste. The range includes products that harness greywater, reclaimed and recycled water and direct it back to the garden for reuse. To measure rainfall, Neta’s range of rain gauges cater for the backyard enthusiast to the professional.



Recycled Water

Neta’s range of recycled water products are designed for use with dedicated recycled water systems. Conforming to Australian standards and coloured purple for easy identification and where threaded is provided with a left hand thread to eliminate the possibility of cross connection with, or the contamination of potable water supplies. The range includes:

Driplines, Sullage hoses & drains, Filters & valves, Sprinklers, taps & fittings


Rainwater gauges

rain-gaugesRain gauges provide the ability to determine how much extra water a garden actually needs to supplement natural rainfall and avoid overwatering.