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Tap Timers


Neta’s 2018 New Product Range

Neta’s tap timers range is designed to save time & water. Set a time to deliver the correct amount of water at the best time of day to avoid over watering or watering outside allocated times. Automating watering saves customers time from hand watering. Made from UV stabilised materials, Neta’s tap timers are suited to the harsh Australian and New Zealand outdoors.

Neta’s tap timers are designed to meet consumer needs.

  • User-friendly with large programming interface
  • Flexible: use for one and two watering zones
  • Automatic operation of mobile sprinklers, irrigation & misting systems


NEW Electronic Tap Timers

  • Rain Delay: In the event of predicted rainfall, the Rain Delay function can be set to delay programmed watering up
    to 7 days.
  • One Zone & Two Zone options
  • Large LCD screen and non-slip rubber button. Easy to use interface.
  • Rain Delay function. Delays watering up to 7 days in wet weather without reprograming.
  • Bypass for manual watering. Water manually without interrupting set programming.
  • Water proof housing.
  • Made from UV stabilised plastic. Durable construction for Australian conditions.
  • Screw onto ¾” or 1” threaded tap
  • Maximum operating pressure 800 kPa.

Mechanical Tap Timers

Mechanical tap timers allow gardeners to make sure the tap will turn off at the right time, to avoid overwatering and use of water outside allocated times. Simply turn the knob to the number of minutes of watering required and the built in timer will turn the tap off when complete. No batteries required.