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Special Purpose Hose


Special Application Hose

Fire Hose

A heavy duty reinforced hose with excellent flexibility and high abrasion resistance, ideal for hand-held fire fighting. Supplied with brass click-on fiittings and a fire-fighting spray nozzle.

Fire Hose is made from UV stabilised materials for long life and is quality guaranteed for 5 years.

The hose complies with Australian standard AS/NZS1221 with a minimum flow rate of 0.45 litres/second at 150kPa. The fire hose also has a maximum operating pressure of 1000kPa and a burst pressure of 4000kPa.


Drinking Water Hose

A strong, reinforced and braided, translucent hose, ideal for caravans, boats, or anywhere that requires safe transfer of drinking water.

Made from UV stabilised materials.

Quality guaranteed for 6 years. Tested to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS4020 to ensure non-toxic, safer and cleaner hose.

– No plastic taste
– Made with food grade materials and suitable for use with drinking water
– Multiple applications
– Durable construction

Pressure rated at PN12.5 to suit temporary connection to mains water supply.

Compatible with standard 12mm Garden Hose fittings,. The hose comes wrapped in plastic to ensure it is clean when sold.


neta-stowaway-compact-hoseStowaway Compact Hose

A durable 8mm braided hose with Multi-Pattern Spray Gun. Ideal for small balconies, courtyards or even the boat.

Fittings suitable for both ¾” and 1” outlet taps.

Individually shrinkwrapped. 





neta-sprinkler-hoseSprinkler Hose

A unique ‘flat’ profile hose with twin stripes to clearly show which side is up. The hole pattern is designed to ensure even spray coverage.

Sprinkler hose supplied fitted with stake to hold the end in place, and with an end cap to flush the hose or for joining two sprinkler hoses together.

The fittings are fully compatible with standard 13mm micro irrigation fittings.

Also available with reel for fast, tangle-free, convenient and compact storage.

Easy to lay out and wind up. No more tangles or twists. The first real innovation in sprinkler hose in 20 years.

Made from UV stabilised materials.

Quality guaranteed for 3 years.


neta-weepa-hoseWeepa Hose

Made from recycled rubber, this hose is fitted with a pressure reducer that reduces water pressure to provide a uniform distribution along the full length of the hose.

Water droplets sweat through its walls, slowly watering the surrounding area.

Quality guaranteed for 5 years.

Discharge at 175kPa is 2.0 Lpm

Sullage Hose

Traditional unreinforced flexible PVC hose for distributing recycled water.

Purple colour safely identifies use with reclaimed and recycled water.

Made from UV stabilised material for long life.

Suits micro irrigation barbed fittings.