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Solid Brass Nozzles

Neta’s solid brass jumbo or jet nozzles are diverse and allow for efficient water use, no matter what the task. The solid brass nozzles
are an easy grip hand held nozzle and are adjustable from ‘OFF’ to a strong jet simply by increasing water pressure. Attaching to a Neta garden hose is as simple as either screwing or clicking the nozzle into the hose connector.

UV Stabilised Plastic Nozzles

Neta’s UV stabilised nozzles are available in both 12mm and 18mm. With an easy grip hand held nozzle, a simple twist can adjust the spray to suit any gardening needs. Attach by simply clicking on and start watering with the turn of the tap.

Front and Back Trigger Watering  Guns

Made from entirely solid metal for durability and toughness, Neta’s range of front and back trigger guns are highly water efficient, with
a water saving trigger action and auto shut off. All of Neta’s guns are fitted with either a multi-purpose nozzle or spray head allowing gardeners to choose the best option to suit their watering needs. For extra comfort, the Neta range has been created with the addition of an ergonomic non-slip cushion grip, making them easier on weak or frail hands.

Watering Wands

Neta’s wands are durable and tough, created using solid metal. Neta has one of the largest ranges of wands, with an ergonomic soft grip and comfortable front trigger to suit any gardener’s needs. Neta offers four ideal watering devices including a multi function wand, shower wand, soft spray aluminium wand and a gutter wand. This diverse range allows gardeners to select based on the job at hand, whether it be watering seedlings with the soft spray aluminium wand, cleaning those hard to reach spots with the gutter wand or a variety of everyday jobs that the multi-function wand is useful for. Both the shower and multi-function wands come in varying sizes for easy and long reach.

With a little imagination and the combination of a Neta hose with a nozzle, gun or wand, gardeners can create one of the most useful tools in the shed. Neta makes a wide range of high quality nozzles, guns & wands that can transform the humble garden hose into an efficient device for cleaning the car, topping up the dog bowl, washing off after a hard day’s work, watering those hard to reach pots or cleaning out the gutters.