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Hose Hangers,
Reels & Trolleys

Hose Storage Designed for the Harsh Outdoors.

Hose hangers reels and trolleys are great for keeping hoses neat and make them easier to use. Neta has a range to suit every budget, from simple hose hangers to heavy-duty reels and a trolley for transporting heavy hoses around large gardens. By storing a hose on a reel its lifetime is extended because it is kept out of the sun and safe from cars and general wear and tear. Careful storage also reduces the risk of kinking and knotting and will keep garden hoses performing well for many more years.


Hose Hangers

Hose hangers are the most basic storage system. They require a bit more effort than a reel, but are an excellent option for the budget-conscious home owner. Neta offers a range of hose hanger colours from the more traditional heritage green to the modern brushed aluminium.

Aluminium hose hangers can also be used for hanging ladders, tools or bicycles. Neta also has a range of plastic hose hangers that incorporate storage for sprinklers and guns.


Hose Reels and Trolleys

Hose reels and trolleys are the ultimate storage device. They are easy to use and keep the hose twist-free which prevents kinking. Neta’s 12mm hose reels are made from light-weight, corrosion-free aluminium and UV stabilised plastics with the heavy duty hose reels made from corrosion resistant powder coated steel and stainless steel. It is best to mount a hose reel on the wall because it holds the reel still while reeling the hose in and out.

Hose trolleys allow for the movement of hose anywhere in the garden and allow for storage of hose when not in use. Neta reels and trolleys require some assembly and come with instructions for setup.