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The Neta high pressure anti-leak sealing system

The Neta Long Claw Acetal grip ring

The Long Claw is our secret weapon against leaks. It’s separate to the rest of the fitting,
allowing it to really dig its claws in to give consumers a connection that won’t break.

When combined with a Neta hose it gives the ultimate connection and protection against leaks – all part of our anti-leak sealing system.

The Neta Long Claw grip ring is available in both
plastic and brass hose connectors and joiners.

Neta Garden hose fittings are guaranteed for Australian conditions. Available in 12mm or 18mm and manufactured using solid brass or UV stabilised plastic, there is a Neta hose fitting for every watering application. Neta’s solid brass and UV stabilised hose fittings have great features to benefit any gardener.



neta-brass-garden-hose-fittingSolid Brass Fittings

Nothing rivals the elegance and durability of Neta brass fittings. Designed in Australia and manufactured to Neta’s high standards – all fittings have quality leak proof connections and an easy grip. Brass is the perfect choice for those gardeners who want fittings that are tough and durable.

Along with the Neta Long Claw, Neta brass fittings also feature:

The Neta X-Stream Lock Ring – Extreme pressure anti-leak sealing system. It locks into place and
is ideal for extreme pressure applications.

Plastic UV Stabilised Fittings

Many people don’t realise what Neta plastic fittings are capable of, when it comes to lightweight high performance and durability; Neta plastic fittings have no match in the market.

Along with the Long Claw grip ring, Neta plastic fittings feature;

An extra long tail that helps the grip ring get a strong attachment to the hose and prevent blow off or leakage

Two extra wide teeth that help the click-on fittings to stay attached

Made from a high gloss UV stabilised material


Chrome Fittings Set

New to the Neta range – a chromed brass fitting set. They have the same features and benefits as solid brass fittings, with a chrome finish for a more modern look.


Multi Outlet Taps

Neta’s comprehensive range of multi outlet taps can convert any garden tap into two, three or four outlets. They are ideal for rainwater tanks and for use with home irrigation watering systems.

Neta’s multi-outlet taps feature:

– Choice of solid brass, metal or plastic construction
– Built-in shut-off valves control flow to each outlet, with large double sided
handles that are easy to turn even with gardening gloves on
– Winged inlet nut provides leverage for easy tightening
– 2-way tap has wider spacing between outlets to suit up to two tap timers
– Variety of outlet combinations for connecting to garden hose or a
micro irrigation system