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Neta No Break Guarantee

Neta’s garden watering products have been developed with the Australian gardener in mind and are guaranteed for Australian conditions. As a commitment of quality, Neta has introduced the No Break Guarantee. This guarantee is our pledge that if our products do not perform to expectations within the guarantee period stated on the packaging,  Neta will happily replace the product.

Neta No Break Guarantees are clearly identified on each product pack and range anywhere from 2 through to 30 years – depending on the individual product. Neta’s  plastic UV stabilised fittings, come with a  five year guarantee. Brass hose fittings and brass hose nozzles come with a guarantees of up to 20 years and the Neta garden hose range guarantees varies between 6 to 30 years.  However, as guarantees differ from product to product, please refer to the original packaging for confirmation. Please also refer to the About our Warrantees page  for full terms and conditions.