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About Neta

In 1947, Neta’s founder, George Alexander produced the first Australian designed and manufactured brass hose end fittings. 70 years later, Neta is carrying on this proud heritage by launching its new range of plastic hose end fittings. The range has been designed and is proudly made in Australia.

The unique designed hose fittings are manufactured to high quality specification in the Neta production facility in Dandenong, Victoria. The fittings are highly robust and suit the harsh Australian and New Zealand outdoors. The one piece design ensures connection is absolutely watertight to give gardeners the best watering experience. All fittings are covered by a 5 year guarantee.The new range is available to the Australian and New Zealand market through independent retail hardware chains. In addition to the hose end fittings range, Neta also launched a range of complementary range of plastic and metal spray guns, jet guns, wands and tap timers.

Neta’s mobile watering range has been boosted by a suite of spray guns, jet guns, nozzles and wands; all covered by a Neta No Break 5 Year Guarantee. Guns are available in front and back trigger plastic, and front trigger metal. The metal multi-purpose gun features a solid metal body, front trigger with integrated trigger lock and a premium spray head which covers all watering applications. The wands consist of 9 patterns, a 180-degree swivel head with a 60cm or 90cm reach option.

In addition, tap timers are available in a one or two zone option, with many consumer-friendly features including large LCD screen, 11 watering cycles and a Rain Delay function. The Rain Delay function enables gardeners to delay watering up to seven days in wet weather without the need for reprogramming.