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Introducing….The Neta No Break Guarantee

Introducing . . .
The Neta No Break Guarantee.

Neta’s garden watering products have always been built to last and as a commitment to you, our customers, Neta has introduced the No Break Guarantee. This guarantee is something that no other company offers and is a promise that our products are built to last, and if they don’t Neta will happily replace them.

The Neta range has been developed with the Australian gardener in mind and is guaranteed for Australian conditions. The Neta No Break guarantees are clearly identified on each product pack and range anywhere from 2 through to 30 years – depending on the individual product. As a general rule of thumb, Neta’s plastic UV stabilised fittings, sprinklers, nozzles, guns and wands come with a guarantee of five years. All brass hose fittings come with a guarantee of 20 years and the Neta hose range varies between 6 to 30 years.

Look out for the Neta No Break Guarantees on packs in store now!

For further information on our warranties please refer to the About Neta page.